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8 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment for your Employees

Posted by Admin on Jun 23, 2019 10:11:01 AM

Employees are the greatest asset of every organisation, and putting effort into creating a healthy and positive work environment for your employees can increase productivity, reduce the likelihood of sick leave and increase morale. By creating a healthy environment and a culture that values employees, your business can be set apart from your competition.

Here are 8 ways you can create a healthy work environment for your employees:

1: Promote wellness  

Providing employees with opportunities to take part in classes like Yoga or Pilates, mindfulness courses or by giving them discounts for gym membership can be a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. Bringing in speakers or coaches for workshops is another great way to promote wellness and shows that you are interested in the wellbeing of your employees, which can boost morale.

2: Create a comfortable workspace

Creating a comfortable working environment can have a positive effect on employees. Natural lighting plays an important role in this, but if the office does not have access to natural light it is important that there is adequate lighting available. It is always best to avoid harsh fluorescent lights, which can cause eyestrain and headaches.

Bringing some plants into the office can help to create a healthier and more comfortable workplace environment. Not only do they look well but they also have the added health benefit of improving air quality.

Try to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable furniture, especially if your employees will be spending up to 8 hours a day sitting at a desk.

3: Promote learning and development

Allowing employees to further develop their skills within the workplace can benefit employers and employees. Many employees think it is important to learn on the job and often look at it as an important factor when choosing a company to work for. Letting employees develop their skills by attending courses and workshops allows employees to feel valuable, while at the same time they are adding value to the organisation.

4: Team building

Team activities are a great way to help improve internal communication, boost morale and they are an excellent way for employees to get to know each other better and help with their team building skills. Team activities could range from sporting activities to charity fundraisers.

5: Encourage work and life balance

Many employees struggle with work overload and find it hard to balance work and life commitments, which can often lead to high levels of stress. Allowing employees to attend appointments or important events such as parent teacher meetings, during working hours can show them that they are valued and can reduce stress, leading to higher productivity and reduced likelihood of sick leave.

6: Promote healthy eating

It can be easy for employees to reach for unhealthy snacks throughout the day but by offering them healthy alternatives for free, can make a huge difference. Stock up on water or juice over soft drinks and provide healthy alternatives like fresh fruit.  

7: Encourage exercise

Office workers spend up to 38 hours a week sitting at a desk. Consider introducing a cycle to work scheme as part of your benefits package, organise sporting activities or set up a walking or running club that employees can take part in during their lunch break.

8: Offer Rewards and Benefits

Recognising the accomplishments of employees is something simple but often can be forgotten. Rewarding employees, could be anything from sending out an email to tell the team how great they are doing, or taking them out for a team lunch.

Providing benefits to employees can have a great impact on how they feel about their employer. Allowing employees to be involved in choosing the benefits that are available will increase morale and productivity as employees will feel appreciated and cared for.  


Creating a positive and healthy workplace environment does not have to be difficult to achieve. A healthy workplace environment can improve employees' productivity and can reduce the likelihood of absenteeism and low morale.


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