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5 ways your business will improve by using a HR & Employee Benefits System

Posted by Admin on Jul 26, 2019 10:58:15 AM

It may come as a surprise that a lot of small and even medium sized businesses do not have a proper HR system in place for their employees and rely on the use of spreadsheets and other documents to keep track of employee data.

For some small businesses this might be manageable, however as the business begins to grow it will become increasingly difficult to manage employee data and processes without having a reliable HR system in place.


Here are five ways your business will benefit from using a HR & Employee Benefits System:


1: Quick and easy access to employee information

HR and managers can easily access employee information from anywhere, without having to rely on spreadsheets or documents to track information. Employee data is all held on one easy to access system.

Key personal information about employees and associated documents can be stored in an efficient, paperless and compliant way with records being able to be accessed quickly and easily.

A good HR System can help you efficiently manage leave and absences, keep track of each employee’s annual leave, and handle holiday requests.

2: Save time and money  

Once the onboarding has been completed, the use of a HR system will reduce time spent and improve efficiency. Admin tasks can be quite time consuming, but with the use of a HR system, these tasks can be done easily and reduce the time spent, allowing HR teams to focus on more important tasks and projects.

Investment in a HR system can lead to cost savings, despite the initial investment required. If you choose one that meets your business’ needs, you will be able to significantly reduce your labour costs.

3: Make it easier than ever to monitor leave and absences

If you are monitoring your employees' holiday leave or absences through email or messages, you know that this can be messy and time consuming and can also be a cause for human error, if the information is not being tracked in one place.

A HR System can help you efficiently manage absences and leave. It can simplify the way you plan for the holidays, keep track of each employee’s remaining leave and handle holiday requests.

4: Improve communication

Communication within any company is vital and lack of communication can often be an issue that leads to low morale within companies.

Not informing employees about the benefits in place is a common mistake of many businesses (even though they have spent time and money providing them to employees). When there is no information easily available to employees on these, it can lead to confusion about what is actually provided. Having a HR system with Employee Benefits function will help employers to communicate the details of the benefits that they are receiving, which will have a positive outcome.

5: Improve security and compliance

Having a reliable HR system in place can an also improve your business’ security by reducing any paperwork or files which contain information about your employees.

A filing cabinet is no longer a safe enough option for storing sensitive data. Having this information stored in a cloud-based HR system should be a priority for every employer, making the data accessible even when your offices aren’t. This will in turn ensure your company is being compliant should you ever be audited.

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice is going to change how employers and employees track working hours. In a statement, the court said that in order to guarantee employees’ rights under the EU’s working time directive and the charter of fundamental rights, member states “must require employers to set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured.” This means that it will be more important than ever for businesses to have a proper system in place that can track the hours that their employees work.


How we can help

The Eppione cloud-based HR and Employee Benefits platform has been specifically designed for small and medium businesses. 

The platform allows employers to:

  • Track employees' working hours
  • Keep accurate records and comply with legal requirements
  • Retain and access employee data and files
  • Communicate and manage employee benefits 
  • Provide training in a modern and cost-effective way
  • Store insurance documents

The platform allows employees to:

  • Easily update personal details
  • Request annual leave
  • Access company documents and announcements
  • Review reward and benefit information
  • Explore training and development opportunities

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